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Sri Vaishnava Brahmins of Tamilnadu

Sri Vaishnava Brahmins of Tamilnadu

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Sri Vaishnava Brahmins of Tamilnadu, (A historical research study),

Feature of the book:

01. Fact disproving the myth of dubbing the Brahmins of Tamilnadu, as the descendants of the Aryans and other communities as Dravidian's

02. The facts are based on research of historical evidences of the ancestry and origin of all the Brahmins  of Tamilnadu,

03. The challenges to the Brahmins and their response,

04. Critical analysis of the  Dravidian movement and the folly of reservation policy.

special features pertaining to the Srivaishnava Brahmins

01. The origin of the Bhakthi movement,

02.  The Alwars and the temple worship,

03. The Acharyas - their role - the mutts etc,

04. other characteristic features of the Srivaishnava Brahmins

05. Intersting and knowledgeable information in the 30 appendices to the book

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