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Sundara Kandam 2cd

Sundara Kandam 2cd

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The religious discourses of Sri.Velukkudi Krishana are a montage in scholarship. His lectures are unparalleled caliber. Being governed by the three most important factors that define any discipline - substance, soul and spirit. The Vidvan, is a personification of erudition with his stupendous study of the Bhagavat Gita Upanishads. the 4000 prabandhams of the Azhwars, Srimad Bhagavatham and generally all the Vaishnavite Scriptures. Jeenodharana service to temples through various trusts. building of a memorial in Kerala for Kulasekhara Azhwar and Sri Pillai Lokacharya at Kodikkulam, supporting Pathasalas for Vedas and Divya Prabandhams, conducting yatras to all the holy places throughout the country and financial assitance to deserving students in the lower strata for the higher education are some of his ennobling efforts for betterment of the society and Hindu religion.

SUNDARA KANDAM Valmiki Ramayana consisting of 24000 verses, is one of the most famous epics in the world literature. Hindus beleive that it was the first epic ever written and they revered it as the 'Adhi Kavya' ( The First Epic). The topic dealt in this talk is Sundara Kandam, which is the 5th section of Ramayana, comprising of 2885 verses spread in 68 chapters.Sundara Kandam is a mine where one can unearth power to support one self in all worldly situations. It is beleived that reading or listening to Ramayana will alienate all ills and problems. Those who are hard press for time to listen to the entire Ramayana could accomplish these same objectives by listening its essence- Sundara Kandam.

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