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Muni Vahana Bhogam

Muni Vahana Bhogam

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Muni Vahana Bhogam, Rendered by Sri.U.Ve.Dr.V.Kannan swamin, Muni Vahana Bhogam is a commentary by sri Vedhandha Desika for Tiruppan Alwar's Prabandham amlanaadipran, it is one among the 24 Prabhandhams in Nalayiram, in ierms of pashurams it is the shortest containing only 10 pasuram but it encompass the complete essence of nalayira prabandham. This is one among the Rahasya of Sri Vedanta Desika.

Bhogam mean a delicacy . this prabandham serves a delicacy called mokshaanandam.Listen to the  CD with reverence, You will know why this prabandham is called Muni Vahana Bhogam

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